Technology firms hold online conferences

New products and strategies are revealed online as Chinese companies continue operations during the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

Chinese electronics firms are holding online conferences to reveal new strategies and products as they continue operations during the epidemic outbreak.

Xiaomi Corp released its new flagship model Xiaomi 10 at a broadcast conference on Thursday. The company aims to penetrate the high-end market with the new 5G model and increased research spending.

Hong Kong-listed Xiaomi expects revenue in 2019 to have surpassed 200 billion yuan (US8.6 billion). This year, its research spending will hit 10 billion yuan compared with 2019’s 7 billion yuan.

“We may be influenced by the pneumonia, but we will never be defeated by the disease,” Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s chairman and CEO said during the online conference.

Hisense, China’s top TV maker, released new models with more social functions, such as video conferencing, cloud gaming, karaoke, interactive fitness and make-up features. The TVs feature the latest artificial intelligence technologies and the Internet of Things to offer family social functions.

“New-featured TV will become a trend in China for demands on social and mini-video,” said Hisense’s designer Ning Jing.

In January, Hisense’s social-featured TV sales soared 213.5 percent, the Shanghai-listed company said. 

Meanwhile, the Mobile World Congress has been canceled due to the epidemic. The world’s biggest telecommunications show was due to be held at the end of February in Barcelona.