Robot vehicles to help in fighting virus

Guangzhou startup demonstrates driverless vehicle which could be used for disinfection work in communities and villages across the country amid the coronavirus crisis. 

Driverless disinfection vehicles can be deployed in communities and villages across the country during the novel coronavirus epidemic, their developer said on Tuesday.  

The R80 Agricultural Utility Vehicle can adapt to both flat and sloped terrain. It has an 80-liter capacity for disinfection, crop spraying and farm transport, according to XAG, a Guangzhou-based startup specializing in drones, vehicles and smart systems for agriculture.

The drones and vehicles have established a “three dimensional and integrated” disinfection system, Justin Gong, vice president and co-founder of XAG, said at a demonstration in Guangzhou on Tuesday.

Compared with traditional methods, the robot vehicles offer advantages such as high efficiency and wide coverage. They can work in rural villages where sanitation is poor, the company said. .

XAG has set up a 5-million-yuan (US14,286) fund for coronavirus work, calling for voluntary drone disinfection operations in China. It has started production of the R80 vehicle.