TV classes as city’s schools stay closed

Shanghai's education authorities say schools are to remain closed indefinitely and classes for primary and middle schools will be broadcast on television from March. 

Shanghai TV stations and IPTV service providers will be broadcasting online classes from March 2, according to Oriental Pearl, the city’s only cable TV operator.

Schools in the city will remain closed indefinitely and will be offering online classes from March to ensure the safety of students and teachers during the coronavirus epidemic, education authorities said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Through its cable TV and BesTV networks, Oriental Pearl will offer its 1.42 million users online class resources, covering both primary and middle schools, said the company with networks covering 7.5 million family users in Shanghai.

The services are free for existing users. Families without cable TV services can call the cable TV hotline (96877) or mobile carriers’ hotlines (10086,10010 or 10000) for installation or alternatives such as IPTV. 

The online classes will be broadcast on 12 TV channels from March, covering classes from Grade 1 to 12. The classes are being provided by local education authorities, which have organized teachers to record unified content. 

The classes will also be available on BesTV platforms. BesTV offers IPTV or Internet Protocol TV and mobile application services, which can be accessed by students out of Shanghai or without cable TV. 

Oriental Pearl has prepared the technology, content, distribution and operation of online classes, the company said.

Shanghai-listed Oriental Pearl’s shares closed 11.62 yuan (US.66 yuan) with a jump of 3.94 percent, compared with a 0.05 percent gain in the Shanghai market index on Tuesday.