CIMIC Group donates supplies to frontline virus fighters

A truck left Shanghai for Wuhan on Thursday morning loaded with 13 electro-cardiscope monitors and 900 boxes of sanitary towels, disposable period panties and disinfectant wipes for medical staff fighting the novel coronavirus on the frontline.

The donations were made by Shanghai-based CIMIC Group, an enterprise founded by Taiwanese Lee Tsyr-hsioung and with investments in Wuhan, Xiaogan and Jingzhou in Hubei Province. The company has already donated 1 million yuan (US42,600) to virus relief efforts in Hubei.

Chen Chao, executive vice president of Everjoy Health, a subsidiary of CIMIC, said the decision to donate sanitary towels, period panties and wipes was based on news reports that medical staff have to stay on duty for four to six hours continuously without taking off their protective outfits. The company called its employees to work overtime and produce the 900 boxes of products.

She said more donations will be delivered to Hubei next week.

According to Shanghai’s Taiwan Affairs Office, at least 66 enterprises in the city invested by Taiwanese have donated funds and materials worth a total value of over 46.5 million yuan (US.6 million).