Junior high student captures beauty of Lukang temples

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Wang Tse-Lun, a junior high school student, recently shared his beautifully filmed video of Lukang Township, the former economic and transport hub of central Taiwan.

“Many document their lives with photos, but I use videos,” Wang told NOWnews. With a passion for filming, Wang has shot videos since he was ten. He started with his phone and then some photo equipment to create high-quality videos.

Wang has his own YouTube channel named “Fattie” through which he shares his self-made vlogs and unboxing videos. It’s impressive that Wang did all of the works on his own, including planning, scripts and lighting design.

In addition, Wang said that he borrowed money from his family to buy all pieces of equipment. Yet, he has always reimbursed his relatives, according to NOWnews.

The video took him half a day to shoot and much more time was spent on editing. “The focus of the video is on the temples in Lukang and the details of temples’ architecture. He used morphing, a special effect in motion pictures and animations, to provide viewers with a unique visual experience,” Wang said.

Wang added that it was worth the efforts to make these videos and he felt touched whenever he watched his works even though the process is tiresome. With a passion for photography, Wang hoped that he could pursue a career in video production in the future.