From 7 to just 1 daily flight: StarLux hit hard by outbreak

The bad timing of startup air carrier, StarLux's flight launch amid the novel coronavirus outbreak has led to many flights being cancelled. (Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) — A little over a month after StarLux began operating, the startup company has cut its flight plans to one daily flight per day, down from 7 flights originally planned amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

StarLux founder Chang Kuo-wei had defied all odds and scheduled the launch in January during a time when other airlines were reporting a loss of profits and revenues.

Marketed for high-end passengers, StarLux introduced a Michelin chef menu for inflight meals and even went as far as to create a signature fragrance exclusive for the carrier.

Initial short flights to Southeast Asia consisted of 3 daily flights from Taipei to Macau, 2 daily flights from Taipei to Da Nang, Vietnam, and 1 daily flight from Taipei to Penang, Malaysia.

Unfortunately, the novel coronavirus outbreak became a major news story in the same week of the companies’ launch, resulting in the worst months of business for an already hard-hit industry.

As of now, StarLux only provides one flight per day to Da Nang, Vietnam, until May 1.

On March 4, StarLux announced that its daily flight to Penang, Malaysia and all three daily flights to Macau are suspended until May l.

On the same note, flights to Cebu in the Philippines will be pushed back from the original set date of April 6 to July 1.