CTBC subsidiary ranks No. 2 in Japan for customer satisfaction

Tokyo Star Bank was deemed most reliable financial consultant, and ranked No. 2 in Japan's largest financial newspaper, Nikkei Veritas (Photo courtesy of Tokyo Star Bank)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The world’s largest financial newspaper, Nikkei Veritas, recently crowned the Tokyo Star Bank, a subsidiary of Chinatrust Commercial Bank (CTBC), No. 2 in customer satisfaction.

Every year, Nikkei Veritas surveys over a hundred Japanese banks online and ranks them based on the banks’ hospitality, convenience, product and asset planning abilities, reliability, and customers’ willingness for future use.

Under CTBC’s leadership, Tokyo Star Bank’s true potential has become known and ranked 6th just 3 years after being purchased.

The 2019 rankings were revealed on Feb. 16 this year, and saw Tokyo Star Bank nab the top spot at No. 2, with its “product and asset planning abilities” securing first place.

The results showcased Tokyo Star Bank’s core value of being a trusted advisor and displayed their success in the newly incorporated advisory solution.

Tokyo Star Bank transition came from years of hard work, including CTBC sending financial management teams to share their best practices with their Tokyo counterparts, setting up small branches to better customer experience, and holding various seminars advising retirees on wealth management.

In incorporating many financial models, CTBC successfully enabled Tokyo Star Bank to assist customers in making educated choices in areas regarding investments and loans.

All this was well-acknowledged by the customers, and an online financial consulting service launched in May of 2019 further cemented customers‘ confidence in the bank.

As of January, Tokyo Star Bank’s housing reverse mortgage loan balance reached 125.2 billion yen (NT$36 billion), making it the highest market share in Japan.