Taiwan, US and India cited as reliable manufacturing alternatives amid outbreak


TAIPEI (The China Post) — For those who are unfamiliar, Fictiv is an international manufacturing company, and along with their manufacturing partners, make up the Fictiv Global Manufacturing Ecosystem.

Recently, they have promoted themselves as a model for how to maintain production levels amid the coronavirus outbreak, and the main reason is their shift in manufacturing from China to the United States, India, and Taiwan.

Fictiv claims that they have experienced zero delays in product delivery, no added costs, and no lapse in production quality.

Fictiv’s ability to merely maintain the status quo is a massive achievement in a time where the WHO has claimed a global emergency, stock markets have crashed (Dow Jones is down 9.5 percent), and individual companies such as Apple manufacturer Foxconn predict a 15 percent drop in revenue due to Chinese factories shutting down.

In fact, economists polled by Reuters predict China’s GDP growth will drop to 4.5 percent —the lowest since the 2008 financial crisis.

Fictiv has not been secretive about their recipe for success. They cite 4 main factors for how they seamlessly navigated manufacturing during coronavirus:

  • instantly shifted manufacturing capacity from China to the United States, India, and Taiwan
  • expanded Asian manufacturing network by 20 percent
  • shifted 15% of all orders to new partner sites in Taiwan and India
  • through their digitized manufacturing system (in this case, the Fictiv Global Manufacturing Ecosystem) they automatically sorted orders based on type, quality, size, and deadline to immediately and seamlessly shift production from China to the appropriate location.

With Fictiv’s tangible results and transparency, other companies might be able to learn from Fictiv and mimic their results.

Furthermore, countries like Taiwan reflect positively as they have proven to be a reliable alternative to Chinese manufacturing.