French YouTuber praises Taiwan’s prevention efforts

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the number of confirmed cases is continuously rising, leading countries to scramble to control the situation.

As the numbers continue to alarm many, French YouTuber, Louis, took to YouTube to commend Taiwan’s epidemic-prevention measures, adding that he feels really grateful to be living in Taiwan right now.

Louis is really impressed by Taiwan’s handling of the situation so far. He added that when the virus first broke out in China, Taiwan immediately canceled flights to and from China and called on all businesses to take the temperatures of all employees on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Louis called a friend in France who said that Taiwan’s virus-prevention efforts have attracted the attention of French media, including Le Monde and La Croix newspapers which wrote articles explaining Taiwan’s successful prevention efforts.

Regarding the racism some Asians may face when wearing face masks in France, Louis explained that because of the differences in culture and habits, people in France only connect face masks with doctors or those who are seriously ill.

As France’s current face mask supply is still incredibly low, only front-line medical workers are allowed to wear them. According to French regulations, others need to get a prescription from doctors to obtain the masks.

Last but not least, Louis praised Taiwanese habits of wearing masks, stating that the people do so to protect themselves and others. Without knowing if one is infected, the habit of wearing face masks becomes even more commendable.