Siri 推出新冠肺炎初步診斷器 助用戶自我篩檢 | Siri update brings COVID-19 screening survey to you



As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread at an alarming speed, many countries have issued lockdowns and travel bans to promote social distancing in a bid to prevent further spread. As companies worldwide seek to accommodate present circumstances, Apple has recently updated its software to help users during this difficult time.


By asking Siri if you have COVID-19 — “Do I have the coronavirus?”, a questionnaire will automatically begin with Siri asking your present conditions and symptoms.


Using data from the “US Public Health Service in concert with the CDC”, Siri asks users yes-no answer questions, beginning with asking users if suffer symptoms including dry coughs, fever, or shortness of breath.



If you answer is “yes,” Siri will further ask if the symptoms are severe or life-threatening and will advise seeking immediate medical attention if your answer in the positive.


For those who are not suffering any symptoms, Siri will advise you to stay home and isolate yourself to prevent the possible spread of the virus, and to seek medical help should your condition worsen.