Minister shares tips on keeping Taiwan virus numbers low with Fox Business

Taiwan Minister of Foreign Affairs Jaushie Joseph Wu discusses how Taiwan is managing the coronavirus spread on March 24, 2020. (screengrab of FOX News)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu shared some of the strategies used to keep the coronavirus spread with Fox Business on Wednesday.

Speaking with anchor Maria Bartiromo of “Mornings with Maria,” Minister Wu explained that Taiwan’s medical system was properly prepared to deal with the situation because of the previous SARS outbreak in 2003.

Wu added that the government also adopted a string of measures to help local industries overcome the resulting economic slowdown.

The live broadcast is part of a series of exclusive interviews with foreign media worldwide to share Taiwan’s best practices and denounce China’s alleged mismanagement of the international health crisis.

In a separate news story released by Fox News on March 25, Taiwan health officials claim that they alerted the WHO at the end of December about the risk of “human-to-human transmission” but says its concerns and warnings were not passed on to other countries that could have benefited from it.

According to Taiwan’s Vice President Chen Chien-ien, the internal website of the International Health Regulations, a World Health Organization outfit that was created to allow countries to work together during health emergencies, provides a platform for all countries to share information on the epidemic and their response, but none of the information shared by Taiwan’s (Centers for Disease Control) is being put up there.