Opinion | Panic doesn’t help in dealing with COVID-19 infections

Henry, 23 years old, has been living and working in Taiwan since 2018 (Courtesy of Henry)

Times are uncertain and it seems no one really knows what to do, who to trust or how to react these days. People can be quick to panic when reading the news or overreact to headlines without knowing the entire story behind them.

But the truth is: Reality is always more complex than the simplified redistributed media version of the story. I am taking the liberty to share what I know, as I have been indirectly impacted by this new wave of Covid-19 infections.

I live in a big, shared apartment alongside 8 other people.

A couple from my shared flat had received the visit from a friend from France just before Taiwan decided to completely block its border with most European countries.

I know it because my mom and sister were supposed to come to visit and it is only after their friend had arrived that Taiwan blocked its frontiers with France. My flatmates’ friend is case 84.

I would like to clarify that he followed all the self-quarantine guidelines and he underwent a hospital check for Covid-19 right after he noticed that he had some fever.

After learning about his positive results, he was sent to the hospital for quarantine without notice, he was CONFINED, and the rest of my shared flat has been completely SEALED from the outside since!

My flatmates and I are all quarantined, locked inside with no right to EVER go outside, NEVER, even though WE DON’T HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS!!!!!

As of case 216, he is the boyfriend of one of my other flatmates. As a student researcher in Hsinchu, he would sometimes drop by our flat to see his girlfriend and they decided — after learning about Case 84’s positive results — to quarantine themselves in Hsinchu with the government’s approval.

It is very unlikely he declared the virus following his exposure to case 84, as they barely even saw each other or talked. Case 216’s girlfriend has tested negative to the virus and they are quarantined together!!

Please try to keep in mind we all have different immune systems and reactions to the coronavirus and apart from adopting the prevention principles and being very cautious, there isn’t much we can do!

We are all trying our best to remain safe and it is important not to fall into paranoia and think every foreigner is selfish and wants to keep living his life like before — coronavirus or not.

Cooler heads should prevail, panic won’t help.