Is living in Taiwan safe? Polish photographer praises Taiwan’s response to outbreak

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Amedee, a photographer from Poland who has resided in Taiwan for seven years, recently shared a post to Facebook about the situation in Taiwan, his homeland Poland amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

He also called on the public to protect themselves and go through the global crisis together.

The photographer told The China Post that he is impressed by how Taiwan has handled the COVID-19 crisis so far.

The response to the coronavirus was very professional and quick, he said.

Besides, Taiwan implemented preventive measures very early including blocking flights from China, Macau and Hong Kong, checking the temperature at the airports, ramping up production of surgical masks and alcohol for disinfection.

I can tell that the whole country takes care of the problem and you get checked anywhere you go from public places to private companies.

Even in residential buildings, you can see sprays to disinfect your hands.

Also, people take all the measures very seriously — wearing masks, keeping a distance from each, washing hands, avoiding travels and staying at home — you can look at the traffic on the road — it lowered a lot.

Life slowed down here, lots of people took a leave, but in general, I think the situation is well handled and probably Taiwan is one of the safest places to be at the moment, he wrote.

Speaking of the situation in Poland, Amedee said “The situation is scary,” adding that “I think people in Poland and generally in the EU didn’t see it coming and especially didn’t believe it may hit that hard.”

However, he explained that he understands it because previously, for example during the SARS outbreak, it was a thing that was mainly focused on Asia. “In Europe, we had only a few severe cases back then,” he added.

Over the last few weeks, Poland has reported a few cases. Schools are shut at the moment, most businesses don’t run at all, borders are closed, no foreigners are able to get to Poland, Amedee said.

It’s really scary. What’s worst is that people may read some news and panic, start panic buying. “This is not good and not necessary because all the goods are available.”

In addition, Amedee has received phone calls from his family, friends in Poland. They have read the news, newspapers, online articles that highly praise Taiwan’s quick and efficient responses to the virus, he said.

Asked of whether he would return to Poland, Amedee said he didn’t want to go back to his home country. First of all, he thinks it’s very irresponsible to travel at the moment.

Secondly, the situation in Poland is not better than in Taiwan so far. “I can speak highly of Taiwan’s healthcare. So in case, I really need to see a doctor, I would not be worried about it here in Taiwan.”

“Thirdly, I still can do my work here. The business is a bit slower, but I am still pretty busy at the moment,” Amedee added.


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