Mayor Ko, foreigners warn of social stigma associated with COVID-19


TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) — Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je posted a tweet on Thursday calling for more “compassion” and less “fear” towards the international community currently living or staying in Taipei.

Ko Wen-Je Tweet 1/2 (Twitter/Ko Wen-Je)

The tweet comes amid a recent surge of imported COVID-19 cases in Taiwan, which has led some people to point their fingers at foreigners visiting or passing through the country.

Ko Wen-Je Tweet 2/2 (Twitter/Ko Wen-Je)

Laura, owner of the French Kiss Bar in Taipei, told The China Post that two people infected among the French community doesn’t mean that everyone is sick.

She said that everybody is doing his or her best to stay healthy. She stressed that she also follows all virus-prevention measures and disinfects her bar every day to make sure that customers are not exposed to any risks.

Making a living in a foreign country isn’t easy, and more understanding and compassion is something that would be warmly welcomed amid the outbreak.

Another French national, 23-year-old Henry Twitchell, who has lived and worked in Taiwan since August 2018 also shared his thoughts on this topic.

23-year-old, French national Henry Twitchell urges everyone to keep a cool head. (Photo courtesy of Henry Twitchell)

“Apart from adopting the prevention principles and being very cautious, there isn’t much we can do!” he said.

Twitchell called on the public to not fall in the deep hole of paranoia and urged everyone to keep a cool head in this difficult time.

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