Taiwan expatriate near due date talks about UK situation

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Mrs. Reader has lived in England for 10 years. As a column writer, Mrs. Reader has been pregnant for 36 weeks and she is already near the due date.

As she has visited the hospital very often to undergo the screening tests, Mrs. Reader found the differences between the U.K. and Taiwan in terms of preventative measures.

She shared her thoughts about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak with The China Post.

Mrs. Reader said that the situation in the U.K. doesn’t look good as the number of confirmed cases had surpassed 3,000 and the death toll had reached 144 earlier this week.

The U.K. government has implemented preventative measures including closing the elementary and high schools since March 20. In addition, people who have developed some fever and continuous cough, are required to quarantine themselves for 14 days, Mrs. Reader said.

However, as a Taiwanese, “I don’t see they have done enough. For example, we still don’t see enough people wearing face masks on the streets or in the shops.”

Mrs. Reader added, “I think this is a cultural thing, I can understand that but still with the confirmed cases increase every day. I think they should start thinking about precautions like wearing a mask.”

Asked of whether she would come back to Taiwan, Mrs. reader said that the answer is no because her family is in the UK and it’s more dangerous to go to the airport and take the flights.

“I would stay here and I will stay at home, trying to practice social distancing.”

Speaking of whether she would argue over the precaution with her British husband, she said no because her husband went to Taiwan in February and saw everyone wearing masks and being very cautious.

It’s never a problem when I communicate with him, she said.


讀者太太在英國发布于 2020年3月24日周二

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