台灣最好玩的賞櫻景點—九族文化村櫻花祭 | The best place to see cherry blossoms in Taiwan — Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is not only one of the most popular amusement parks in Taiwan, but is also home to many types of cherry blossom trees that bloom in spring. (圖 / 林碧貴-火車漫遊櫻花)

【看英文中國郵報學英文】九族文化村是是台灣相當受歡迎的遊樂園區,除了設備完善的遊樂設施,園區裡種植多種品種的櫻花樹,每年初春(一月至四月)接力綻放,更是台灣最美麗最好玩的賞櫻熱門景點,讓Discover Taiwan帶領各位來到九族文化村,一起暢遊台灣最好玩的賞櫻攻略。

The Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is one of the most popular amusement parks in Taiwan. Besides fun rides and attractions, the park is also home to many types of cherry blossom trees that bloom in spring (from January to February), making it one of the most beautiful places to visit this season. Ahead this long weekend, we’ll take you along for the ride as we share the best events and activities to do during the park’s Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Festival.

原味體驗日式賞櫻風情|Full Japanese-style cherry blossom experience


Cherry blossom viewing in spring is one of the most important events in Japan. People from all around the world travel to the country just to experience this spectacle in person. In Taiwan, the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village houses a variety of cherry blossoms and every year from January to the end of March, the flowers go into full bloom. During this time of year, the park usually invites performance groups from Japan, organizes a cherry blossom market and provides Japanese yukatas for rent. Visitors can wear the traditional Japanese clothing and take in the beauty of the Cherry Blossom Avenue on rickshaws. There is also a temple of love for romantics and picnics under cherry blossom trees. Without leaving Taiwan, one can still get the full experience of the Sakura Festival. 

欣賞原住民表演櫻花漫步|Dance with aborigines under cherry blossom trees


As aborigine culture is the theme of the park, visitors can observe different Taiwanese tribal villages and lifestyles in the Aboriginal Village Park section and buy traditional accessories. During the festival, cherry blossom trees in the culture square will go into full bloom, and visitors can walk along and enjoy aborigine songs sung by the natives of Taiwan.

 搭纜車眺望粉色花海 | Gondola rides over a sea of pink

(圖/照片由九族文化提供|Photo courtesy of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village)


Located beside Sun Moon Lake, the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village has another attraction that never fails to draw in tourists—the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway. The gondola ride spans between the southeast bank of Sun Moon Lake to the Observation Tower of the park.

Each cable car is limited to 8 passengers, and a one-way trip takes about 10 minutes to get to the other end. From the gondola ride, visitors can get a great view of the lake as well as the pink cherry blossom trees in the park. With the deep blue lake and pink floral scene as a backdrop, the perfect photo is just a shutter click away. 

台灣第一夜櫻 | The first “Night Sakura” in Taiwan

(圖/照片由九族文化村提供 | Photo courtesy of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village)


Besides admiring the cherry blossoms trees under the sun, taking a nighttime stroll under the pink flowers is also something one should experience in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. As evening approaches, the ceremony leader and dance performers will invite visitors to light up the decorative lights placed around the cherry blossom trees. The soft neon glow of colors coupled with aborigines’ performances is the perfect way to wrap up the beautiful event.

歐洲宮廷花園 薰衣草「紫色戀情」| A lavender wonderland in the European Garden

(圖/照片由九族文化村提供 | Photo courtesy of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village)


Every year from March to April, around 100,000 lavender buds go into full bloom in the European Garden. Plants in the garden are trimmed into different designs, such as buckets with flowers of all shapes and variety flowing out like a colorful waterfall. Walking through the garden, visitors can easily picture themselves as the prince and princesses of a fairy tale come to life.

遊樂設施 | Rides and attractions

(圖/照片由九族文化村提供 | Photo courtesy of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village)


 When visiting the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, one shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go on their fun and exciting rides. One such attraction, the Maya Adventure, takes riders up 33 meters high and plunges down, twisting and turning the whole way. While enjoying the thrill of the ride, visitors should also make sure to lean their head backs to avoid straining their necks.

The “Invincible Fleet” ride from the newly opened “Spanish Coast” is also one for thrill-seekers as it brings riders back down to earth from 30 meters high, going first backward then forward, letting visitors enjoy twice the fun. 

(瑪雅遊樂設施。圖/照片由九族文化村提供 | Photo courtesy of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village)