San Francisco nurse dances to COVID-19 educational facts on TikTok

Miki Rai (IG/Miki Rai)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the Coronavirus outbreak worsens, many countries, which are overwhelmed by the sharp rise of infection cases, have issued nationwide lockdown in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus.

Though the situation is severe, there have been many reports of people violating the government’s orders, putting others and themselves at risk.

In a bid to raise awareness and educate others on the novel virus, a nurse, Miki Rai, from San Fransisco has taken to TikTok and Instagram to educate others on facts about the pandemic and prevention methods.

Her videos show her doing 15-second dances to catchy songs with messages added on top of the video, including “wash your hands frequently”, “practice social distancing” and “don’t touch your face”.

Her efforts in helping to prevent the spread of the virus has garnered nearly 2 million likes online, and Rai hopes that the videos can help get the message across; therefore, easing the strain on healthcare services.

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LET’S TALK ABOUT SOCIAL DISTANCING. #coronavirus It breaks my heart to see that instead of social distancing, people are using the time off school and work to instead go out to clubs, bars, have “quarantine parties” and book cheap travel. Yes, you may be young. But do you have a parent? A grandparent? Someone you love who is immunocompromised? Do YOU want to be the reason they get the virus and potentially end up with serious complications? Ask yourself if your night out is worth another person’s life. Swipe right to see what experts mean when they say we need to “flatten the curve”. The US healthcare system only has so many hospital beds, so many ventilators and so many staff to take care of sick patients. If we socially distance ourselves NOW, we can delay the spread, flatten the curve, and allow people to get the care they need, when they need it. Please do your part. Your community needs you. Practice good hand hygiene, stay at home, and protect yourself and your loved ones. We can get through this together. • #nurse #healthcare #united #covid19

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