Best place for a relaxing trip filled with culture and nature: Taimali

(Photo courtesy of IG/abcd10082)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Known as “the most beautiful highway in Taiwan,” the South-link Highway extension project finished renovating and opened to the public last year.

The renovated highway not only shortened the distance between eastern and western Taiwan, but was also rerouted to pass by many tourist attractions, making them some of the best vacation spots to visit.

In addition, it opened up even more scenic and fun sites to visit. In this season’s Discover Taiwan, join us in discovering Taiwan’s cultural and natural beauty through these scenic spots.

Take in the sea and land from Jinlun Bridge

(Photo courtesy of the General Highway Bureau)

The Jinlun Bridge was built due to the straightening of the South-link Highway. Since 2017, it has been called “the most beautiful overpass in Taiwan.”

Driving on Jinlun Bridge, you can see green rolling mountains on your right and the vast azure Pacific on your left. This 3.5 kilometer overpass is the first stop in this relaxation trip to eastern Taiwan.

Duoliang Train Station

(Photo courtesy of Lin Yen Ting)

Duoliang Railway Station was originally an unguarded station on the Taitung Railway Line. It is also a popular place for photography enthusiasts and tourists to visit as the angle provided allows photographers to capture the train seemingly coming from the far horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

On the second-floor platform of Duoliang Station, visitors can not only overlook the ocean but also take pictures in front of the “Angel Wing”. Against the backdrop of the blue sky and sea, tourists can capture a truly heavenly photo.

(Photo courtesy of IG/jj_yen_)

Flower field in Golden Needle Mountain

(Photo courtesy of IG/jaczisreal)

The Golden Needle Mountain in Taimali is a well-known place for viewing flowers in Taiwan. The golden needle flowers bloom from August to October every year, covering the hills in a carpet of gold, making it one of the most beautiful sceneries in Taitung.

In addition to viewing flowers, there are also three hiking trails in Taimali, which are great spots to catch the sunrise, gaze at stars and overlook the sea. From April to July, tourists can also visit to watch the fireflies light up the summer nights.

(Photo courtesy of IG/binghan.tsai)