Facebook launches global coronavirus information center

Photo taken form Facebook website at www.facebook.com

TAIPEI (CNA) — Facebook on Monday rolled out a global coronavirus information center to help people around the world access reliable health information, resources and health management information about the COVID-19 coronavirus disease, compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO) and local health authorities.

The Facebook COVID-19 Information Center will provide information such as effective disease prevention measures, advice for people on what to do when if they feel unwell, and tips on how to stay connected with others during home quarantine, the company said.

The center also contains the latest information on COVID-19 and guidelines issued by global and national health organizations, in 23 different languages, the company said.

It is a “central place for people to get the latest news and information as well as resources and tips to stay healthy, and support their family and community,” Facebook said in a post.

In Taiwan, real-time information and resources on COVID-19 will be sourced from the country’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Facebook said.

People will also be able to obtain updates from the World Health Organization, and the content will be presented in the form of articles and videos, according to Facebook.

The launch of the information center is an effort by Facebook to support the work of the global public health community and help keep people safe and informed during the coronavirus public health crisis, the company said.