Foreigners love Taiwan! What about you?

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, YouTuber Blaire invited 10 international friends from 9 countries to share why they decided to stay in Taiwan, what they love about Taiwan, and give some encouraging words to the global community in the battle against the virus.

The 10 guests openly shared their reasons for staying in Taiwan.

Some had come to the country for work; others came to be with their loved ones. Some also came to try and make it in the entertainment industry, while still others came to teach.

All ultimately fell in love with life in Taiwan and gave their praises to the virus-prevention measures being taken in the country at the moment.

The featured foreign guests include Ku (Ku’s Dream) from France, JAPAN Sanyuan from Japan, Pierre Liu from the U.S., @lifeintaiwan from the U.K., Lukas Engstrom from Sweden, Kelsi May from Canada, Jeo-bi from Malaysia, David Kim from South Korea and Rosa from Italy.

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