Academia Sinica releases illustrated video on COVID-19

TAIPEI (CNA) — Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s top research institution, on Tuesday released a Mandarin Chinese version of an illustrated video on the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), hoping to educate the public about the disease as well as its prevention.

Titled “COVID-19, an illustrated scientific summary,” the video was created and produced by Yale Neuroscience Ph.D. student Clara Liao, who is also the daughter of Academia Sinica President James Liao (廖俊智).

It is subtitled in traditional Chinese characters, and the script for the voiceover was re-edited by James Liao, Academia Sinica said.

The original version, produced in English, was first released on the website of the Yale School of Medicine on April 1.

According to the Yale School of Medicine, the video describes how the new coronavirus turns cells in the human body into virus-making machines.

It also illustrates how the infection leads to symptoms like dry cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing, and explains how washing your hands for 20 seconds can help prevent infection.

The English-language video, which is about nine minutes long, can be found at: