UK health authorities send updates to residents

UK PM Boris Johnson (Courtesy of Sky News/NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Mrs. Reader, a Taiwanese column writer, has lived in England for ten years. She posted on Facebook some images of UK PM Boris Johnson’s letter which urged people to “Stay at home, Protect the NHS, Save lives.”

In her post, Mrs. Reader wrote that Johnson was moved to the intensive care last week as the symptoms worsened. Earlier, Johnson had developed a fever for seven days, during which he had been working on containment in virus and recorded a video to urge English people to stay home.

So far, the UK government has implemented a coronavirus soft lockdown, urging people to stay home unless they do necessary shopping for daily essentials, seeking medical help, or working out, she wrote. Compared with Italy, Spain and French, UK has given its citizens much more convenience and flexibility.

Last but not least, she called on her fans who live in the UK to cherish the convenience that the UK government granted and never misuse the freedom that the authorities allowed us. Don’t use the outdoor exercise time to hang out with friends and ignore the social distancing rule.

“Stay at home and avoid unnecessary social contacts outdoor. Changing your thought could save lives. How to do it? I think Taiwanese are kind and the answer is in their mind.”