Taiwan medical worker in Spain with COVID-19 discharged from hospital

Photo from Legislator Wen Yu-hsia's Facebook page

TAIPEI (CNA) — A Taiwanese frontline medical worker in Spain who became infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been discharged from hospital after being successfully treated, according to a Kuomintang legislator.

Many health workers are on the frontline of the coronavirus fight in Spain as the pandemic tests the limits of the healthcare system. Among those dedicated workers are the daughters of Liu Chin-chih (劉金枝), a member of Taiwan’s Overseas Community Affairs Council, KMT Legislator Wen Yu-hsia (溫玉霞) revealed on Facebook Sunday.

Liu’s elder daughter works as an anesthetist in Spain, but contracted the virus last month and was on a respirator for 15 days before recovering. Her younger daughter, also a medical worker, is under home quarantine.

Wen’s post was accompanied by a photo of Liu’s elder daughter being pushed out of the ward in her hospital bed, with other medical workers forming a line to applaud her.

【為在西班牙的台灣女兒喝采!】    日前西班牙的疫情慘重,該國的醫療體系瀕臨崩潰,但醫護人員仍堅守崗位搶救病患,其中就有我的好友、也是僑務委員劉金枝的一對寶貝女兒。大女兒Diana是麻醉師,兩位女醫護人員不眠不休工作,上個月卻不幸被感染新冠病毒,Diana在醫院戴了15天的呼吸器,小女兒在家隔離治療,所幸目前已經在家隔離休養中。  當時聽聞此事讓我既心疼又擔心,之後看到大女兒躺在病床被推出急診室的錄影畫面,醫院醫護人員皆列隊為她拍手加油,這一幕令人感動不已,更為劉僑務委員和其女兒的表現深感驕傲!台灣的女兒在異國發光發熱,為了救治病人勇敢和病毒奮戰,劉金枝的先生也是醫師,父母都全力支持女兒在僑居地犧牲奉獻,這一家人都是台灣之光!  近日西班牙的電視和報紙都大篇幅報導此事,特別分享給好友們,我認為僑委會應給予嘉獎表揚,也希望所有好友一起為在西班牙及各角落的醫護人員說句「謝謝」與加油!  當地新聞:https://reurl.cc/araNyD     #西班牙 #台灣女兒#台灣的驕傲#立法院 #溫玉霞

立法委員溫玉霞发布于 2020年4月12日周日

“I was really moved by the scene,” Wen said, adding that she is very proud of Liu’s daughters.

Wen praised the two women for their bravery and selfless dedication to saving lives in the fight against COVID-19.

Liu’s husband is also a doctor and both parents fully support their daughters’ sacrifice and devotion, Wen said, describing the family as bringing glory to Taiwan.

Noting that the two women have received extensive media coverage in Spain, Wen said she thinks the Overseas Community Affairs Council should award them a commendation.