M17 expands on global markets amid pandemic

M17 is looking to expand its market during the COVID-19 outbreak (Photo courtesy of M17)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Livestream platform, M17 made some key adjustments to its business during the coronavirus outbreak, including recruiting new staff, rolling out new products, restructuring the organization and attracting new customers.

With the addition of a new team in its production department, M17 is looking to further expand in Taiwan, Japan and the United States.

M17 announced that the first change will be directed toward product development while the second will be incorporating resources from the platform with the market needs to include all units under M17.

The M17 conglomerate has successfully expanded its team of 10 employees five years ago, to 800 this year.

As the COVID-19 outbreak affects businesses all over the world, M17 is looking to improve its platform by including more videos from medical professionals to inform users of correct virus-prevention measures and up-to-date information.

M17 is looking for medical professionals to share their wisdom with the audience (Photo courtesy of M17)

With ‘Empower Artist Entertain the World’ as its goal, M17 will also have more livestreamings featuring fitness routines, creative processes of artists, cooking tips, and cosplay.

Photo courtesy of M17

In this way, M17 hopes to take its business to the next level, paving its way into a new social-economic trend.