Jolin Tsai responds to backlash over pro-China coronavirus video

Jolin Tsai's coronavirus tribute song came under fire. (Courtesy of YouTube/Fight as one)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai and Hong Kong Canto-pop star Eason Chan Yick-shun new music video aimed at paying tribute to medical staff fighting against COVID-19 sparked a huge backlash over its political context.

The content released on April 3 has been described as “Chinese propaganda” after viewers found that the children in the video holding up drawings of the flag of China.

The tribute song, titled “Fight as One,” was presented by Yunnan Media Group and performed in English.

After a first post to Facebook last week, Tsai Wednesday wrote on Instagram, “I will be back soon ^^…吧…’ with a series of magazine images of herself.

Many commented, asking “Are you okay? We will always stand by you, no worries.” Another said, “Take care of yourself” “I’ll wait for you forever.”

On April 6, another cryptic post raised concerns about the popular star again: “I feel like I’m insignificant. Maybe some moments, suddenly you don’t need me and forget me for good. I believe that’s the gift of life I must receive.”

Still, she expressed appreciation for fans’ support and accompany in her post.