Restaurant offering work to asylum seekers from HK set to open

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TAIPEI (CNA) — A planned Taipei restaurant that will offer work opportunities to Hong Kongers seeking political asylum in Taiwan has received its first work permit, which will allow it to open for business, the company said Thursday.

The Gongguan area restaurant, called “Aegis” in English — its Chinese name refers to the umbrellas that have been adopted as symbols of political resistance in Hong Kong — said in a Facebook post that its first work visa had been “issued and approved,” and that it is “officially in business.”

The post went on to thank the restaurant’s supporters “for never giving up or deserting us, and always staying true with your support and help.”

The project is being led by Daniel Wong Kwok-tung (黃國桐), a Hong Kong lawyer and politician who provided volunteer legal services to protesters arrested during the 2019 Hong Kong Protests.

Wong, a Kowloon City district councilor and member of Hong Kong’s Election Committee, said at a recent forum that Hong Kongers are not asking for help from Taiwan’s government, but hope the country can provide refuge for those who need it.

CNA was unable to reach the restaurant Thursday to confirm the date and time of its formal opening.

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