天涯、海角 阿朗壹古道 | Walking to the end of the world: Alangyi!

台灣碩果僅存的古道 |Rare ancient trail in Taiwan(Courtesy of 朱銘茵)

【看英文中國郵報學英文】連接屏東旭海跟台東南田,阿朗壹古道,曾因為管制嚴謹難以進入,因此得以保留完整豐富的生態資源,被譽為台灣最神秘的天涯海角。因為南迴改的通車,讓這條神秘的古道再度被注意,就讓本期Discover Taiwan帶大家一探這條神秘谷道的美麗景致。

The Alangyi Historic Trail connects Hsuhai village, Pingtung with Nantian village, Taitung. Previously it was hard for visitors to enter due to strict control which is why it has been able to retain complete and rich ecological resources and is known as the most mysterious corner in Taiwan.

Because of the opening of the South-Link Highway Expansion Project, this mysterious old road caught national attention again. In this issue of Discover Taiwan, we will take you to the beautiful and mysterious valley.



Alangyi Historic Trail was one of the eight roads connecting eastern and western Taiwan constructed in the Tongzhi era of the Qing Dynasty to facilitate transportation. After 150 years, it is the best-preserved ancient trail in the country.

Once again under the national spotlight, strict restrictions on the daily capacity are introduced in order to protect the trail, avoid excessive development and damage to its ecology due to tourism.

But, you must register with authorities to explore the most mysterious ancient trail.

台灣碩果僅存的古道 |Rare ancient trail in Taiwan(Courtesy of 朱銘茵)
台灣碩果僅存的古道 |Rare ancient trail in Taiwan(Courtesy of 朱銘茵)
台灣碩果僅存的古道 |Rare ancient trail in Taiwan(Courtesy of 朱銘茵)


Stretching more than eight kilometers, Alangyi Historic Trail is a section of coastline with abundant animal and plantation resources. It takes four to six hours to complete the whole journey.

If you start from the Taitung end, the route is relatively flat at first. After passing Tawa River, the county border of Taitung and Pingtung, you will come to a beach full of round stones. Many tourists will stack the stones into a small tower, which is said to be an act of blessing.

Climb up the steep uphill section, and in front of you is the vast Pacific Ocean. The rich ecological resources and the well-preserved historic sites along the ancient trail enrich every step of the way with intriguing surprises.

從圓石礫灘到絕美海景 | From round stone beach to breathtaking views (Shutterstock)


“Alangyi” is actually the old name of the Aljungic village of the Paiwan people. Today, the Aljungic tribe is located near the Taitung entrance of the historic trail, which history is also closely related to the culture of the indigenous people. As early as the Ming-Zheng Period, as the Han settlers pushed inland, the indigenous people were forced to migrate further east.

The Alangyi Historic Trail is the most important path for the Paiwan people to travel between eastern and western Taiwan. Visitors may wish to slow down a bit before heading into the trail, take a look a the Aljungic village to experience the culture and cuisine of the Paiwan tribe.

串聯台灣東西部排灣族的便道|Linking east and west Taiwan for Paiwan people (Courtesy of 部落客快樂的過每一天蔡慧君)





聯絡電話:08-732-0415 #3743或08-733-7591

Transportation Guide:

Address: 945, Pingtung County, Mudan Township

Opening hours: You need to apply with the Pingtung County Government 8 days prior and have a guide throughout. No pets are allowed. Photo identification is required to enter the ancient trail.

How to apply: Apply on the Hsuhai Nature Reserve website(, Guide fee is NT$ 3,000 / day

Phone: 08-732-0415 #3743, 08-733-7591