Eslite to unveil location of next 24/7 bookstore on April 23

Eslite bookstore will announce the next 24-hour bookstore location on April 23. (Courtesy of Facebook/Eslite Bookstore)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Most people don’t know but Eslite Dunnan Bookstore, which is open 24/7 since 1990, will close on May 31.

As the first 24-hour bookstore in the world, the Dunnan store was praised by CNN as one of the “coolest bookstores in the world.” It has since become one of the cultural landmarks of Taiwan.

The question now is which location will become the next 24/7 bookstore? Each store has already its supporters so the company has launched an online campaign to decide which store is the most suitable.

Eslite said that five candidates are on the list: Eslite Xinyi store, Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store, Eslite Spectrum Nanxi, Eslite Spectrum Park Lane by CMP Store and Eslite NTU Store.

Fans can vote for their favorite store which can also interact with voters online. Eslite will announce the winning location on April 23.

Among the five candidates, Xinyi is said to have many handsome and beautiful customers. It’s the favorite so far.