Show Luo’s clumsy response to affairs sparks backlash

Show Luo (right) responded to Grace's (left) breakup letter.(Courtesy of Weibo/Grace Chow/Facebook/Show Luo)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Grace Chow, a Chinese influencer, confirmed Thursday that she broke up with Taiwanese singer Show Luo after nine years of relationship.

In her post to Weibo, she said that she decided to put an end to their relationship after she checked Luo’s phone and found out that he has been cheating on her multiple times. 

“If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have known that you actually have another mobile phone used specifically to chat up girls,” Grace wrote.

“Practically every day that I wasn’t around, you invited women to your home, and the crux is, they were all different women. Every city that you go to, you have women that you could invite to the hotel.”

“You have improper long-term relationships with female artists in your management agency — the ones you introduced me to — and even with your make-up artist. You and your group of male friends were so disrespectful to the women that you invited out.

“Worst, all of you would often hold ‘multi-player sports’ sessions — things that normal people cannot even begin to imagine.”

Screengrab of a portion of Grace’s Weibo post

Hours later, Luo posted a response to her ex-girlfriend’s breakup letter, expressing his gratitude for the public’s concerns and the good time he has had during this relationship.

He wrote, “First of all, I’m sorry that my affairs have taken up so much society resources and I’m thankful for your concerns. Perhaps many have been waiting for my response. I want to say we have had so many ups and downs.”

“In this on-off nine-year relationship, I have reflected on myself for what I have done wrong, but many situations are complicated and ineffable. Besides, there is no need to explain. I don’t regret our relationship and I greatly appreciate the time we spend together.” 

Screengrab of Show’s Weibo post

Many netizens have lashed at his post, however, saying that “You are such a scumbag.” Some said, “You’ve kept silent for a half-day to say this nonsense.” “You can play girls as you like but you shouldn’t have a serious relationship and waste a girl’s time.”