Taiwan’s ‘Little Greece’ — the perfect weekend getaway

Beigan Chin-Bi Tribe (Courtesy of IG/@acezhanggg)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the world, many have canceled travel plans abroad and instead opted for more local, mini-vacations.

In fact, Taiwan has many hidden gems that are second to none when it comes to travel.

Recently, a little settlement, located on the Matsu Islands, nicknamed “Taiwanese little Greece” has become a popular tourist attraction.

The Beigan Chin-Bi Settlement, also known as the “Matsu Mediterranian,” has one of the most well-preserved examples of traditional Eastern Min architecture on the island.

Beigan Chin-Bi Tribe (Courtesy of IG/@a_j.couple)

The ancient city leans against the mountain in a terraced arrangement and faces the blue sea. There, you can go for a cup of coffee or brunch and feel as if you were watching the Mediterranean sea.

Beigan Chin-Bi Tribe (Courtesy of IG/@acezhanggg)
Beigan Chin-Bi Tribe (Courtesy of IG/@acezhanggg)
Beigan Chin-Bi Tribe (Courtesy of IG/@acezhanggg)

In the evening, you may wish to head to the Nangan Jin-Sha Settlement and take a stroll on the beach whilst enjoying the beautiful sunset.

The Jin-Sha Settlement also maintains the traditional Eastern Min architecture of Matsu. However, compared with the Chin-Bi Tribe, it appears more desolate as vines entrench itself in the stone cracks. Go and visit this mysterious ruins and enjoy the adventure.

Nangan Jin-Sha Tribe (Courtesy of IG/@moana_hsu)
Nangan Jin-Sha Tribe (Courtesy of IG/@yutzuchennn)
Nangan Jin-Sha Settlement(Courtesy of IG/@yiju1970)