NTIO thanks Taiwan’s medical staff with 3,999 fresh tulips

The NTIO sent Dutch stroopwafels to the Epidemic Command Center. (Courtesy of Facebook/NTIO)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office (NTIO) expressed gratitude to frontline medical staff in Taiwan with 3,999 tulips specially flown in from the Netherlands.

The NTIO made the announcement on Facebook on Monday.

In addition to the orange tulips tied with cards and ribbons of the tricolor Dutch flag, the NTIO sent Dutch stroopwafels to 29 places including the Epidemic Command Center, hospitals and the Taoyuan International Airport with the aim of enhancing Taiwan-Dutch friendship.

The NTIO sent a thank you to those workers’ “determined contribution, generous sharing, and vigilant gatekeeping,” which created another miracle and deepened the friendship between Netherlands and Taiwan.

NTIO posted on Facebook Monday, expressing gratitude to the frontline medical staff in Taiwan. (Courtesy of Facebook/NTIO)