Taiwan Mazu Pilgrimage animation wins int’l acclaims

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Amid the coronavirus outbreak, people from all around the world are expressing hopes for a quick recovery.

In Taiwan, many have turned to Mazu, the sea Goddess, who is at the heart of Taiwanese people’s beliefs and traditions. The Mazu pilgrimage is usually held in March; however, all religious activities have been postponed due to the pandemic.

Even though you can’t attend the annual pilgrimage, you can enjoy this short animated film, titled “Mazu Pilgrimage,” from the comfort of your home.

Knock-Knock Animation made this 60 seconds animated film on the theme of a music box, recreating the scene of Mazu Pilgrimage in the hope of giving blessings to the world. At the center, Mazu sitting in the sedan chair, with an orchestra playing suona around her.

The animation won three international film awards in April, including the award of excellence special mention in the U.S. “Best Shorts Competition,” best animation in the New York Film Awards, and animation short in the Latitude Film Awards.