MOFA launches web page to showcase Taiwan model in COVID-19 fight

Screenshot from MOFA website

TAIPEI (CNA) — The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has introduced a special section on its website titled “The Taiwan Model for Combating COVID-19,” an English page that tells foreign readers about Taiwan’s so-far successful approach to containing the global outbreak.

“There are many moving parts to the #TaiwanModel for combating #COVID19 & realizing #HealthForAll,” the ministry tweeted on its official Twitter account Tuesday evening, shortly after the COVID-19 page was launched.

“Learn more about #Taiwan’s #AllHandsOnDeck approach, as well as international media coverage & multimedia & social media highlights. Yes! #TaiwanCanHelp,” the MOFA tweet further said.

The new page is composed of sections titled “International Media Coverage,” “The Taiwan Model” and “Multimedia and Social Media,” with content to be updated regularly.

The International Media Coverage section is made up of foreign media reports on Taiwan’s achievements in disease prevention, Taiwan’s contributions to the international community and selected news reports relating to China and the World Health Organization (WHO).

In “The Taiwan Model” section, among the crucial measures discussed are the island’s national health insurance system, its whole-of-government approach, advanced preparations and early responses, the application of big data and AI, and an open and transparent approach to information management.

MOFA also listed Taiwan’s contribution to the international community and its humanitarian assistance to combat COVID-19 in the web page’s “Taiwan can help, and Taiwan is helping!” sub-section.

In the Multimedia and Social Media section, visitors can find links to videoconferences and interviews by Taiwan foreign minister Joseph Wu’s, MOFA social media posts, as well as videos on how Taiwan was able to increase its surgical face mask production.

Taiwan has performed relatively well in preventing the spread of COVID-19, despite its geographical proximity to China, which was the original epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), Taiwan on Wednesday reported no new cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus for the fourth consecutive day and seventh time this month, with the total number of confirmed cases remaining at 429.