Gorgeous abandoned train station to open to the public soon

Golden tunnel(Courtesy of IG/@chien_lan)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan has many one-of-a-kind railway stations featuring breathtaking landscapes, such as Duoliang and Badouzi Railway station. Many of them have even become the top tourist destinations.

Well, you may not know that Guzhuang Signal Railway station, situated in Dawu Township, Taitung, features a photo-worthy scene called the “Golden tunnel.” The small station has been closed for three years due to its low use rate.

However, the good news is that the mysterious station is expected to reopen soon and probably become the next top travel destination.

Located at the southernmost tip of Taitung, Guzhuang station is the first stop of the southern link line, which links the Pingtung and Taitung county.

Guzhuang station (Courtesy of IG/@yoray4227)

But, why it’s called the “Golden Tunnel?” The station has one tunnel on each side and both tunnels are less than 100 meters in length.

With such a short length, when a train is approaching and going through the tunnel, you will see the train’s headlight lighten the dark tunnel, creating a dreamy scene.