Don’t overlook Taiwan! French YouTuber thanks Taiwan for keeping him safe

老外看台灣/台灣救了我!  老外表謝意「住法國可能沒命」

在大自然中呈現這部影片,講出法國家人面臨的狀況,格外讓人覺得台灣真好 #肺炎 #法國 #禁足令 - 老外看台灣/台灣救了我!  老外表謝意「住法國可能沒命」 - FOLLOW Francois Devatine YouTube頻道: FB 粉絲團 IG: @yuanyuanintaiwan

Posted by NOWnews 今日新聞 on Thursday, April 30, 2020

TAIPEI (The China Post) — While the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has surged past 3 million worldwide, many countries have expanded their lockdown, leading many people to be stuck at home for weeks, and even months.

Taiwan-based French YouTuber Francois Devatine (馮韋元) knows exactly how lucky he is to still be able to go out and hike or take a walk whenever he wishes.

In his new video, Devatine pointed out that his family members in France are all under mandatory lockdown, meaning that they aren’t allowed to visit their 94-year-old grandmother.

To Devantine, Taiwan has been successful in preventing the community spread of the virus by issuing strict quarantine rules, immigration rules and regulating the sales of surgical face masks.

This combined with Taiwan society’s prompt reaction and willingness to follow the rules has led to Taiwan’s successfully flattening the curve of confirmed cases.

Thanks to the accurate and efficient rules and policies promulgated by the government, Devantine remarked that his freedom lies in the fact that he is living in Taiwan at the moment, so he wants to thank everyone for making him feel safe and allowing him to enjoy nature during these difficult times.

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