Foreign backpackers thank Taiwan for extending visa

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Diego from Canada, who has been in Taiwan for two months, said that his impression of Taiwan is great. It is very convenient, he added, stressing that local people are friendly and it’s easy to travel.

Why would he choose to stay in Taiwan? Diego said that Taiwan was recognized as one of the best countries dealing with the virus and he feels safer in Taiwan than in Canada amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

“Taiwan number one,” Diego said, “I really enjoy getting to know the place and the culture. Thank you.”

Another traveler, Danny from the U.S., has been in Taiwan for two months. He loves the island very much because the Taiwanese are very friendly and generous. Besides, the food is delicious and cheap and the scenery is extremely beautiful.

Danny planned to travel to Nepal; however, the border was closed when he was looking for a flight. That’s why he has stayed in Taiwan until now.

He chose to stay in Taiwan because it is safer than the U.S. He explained that if he went back to the U.S., he has to be quarantined for 14 days or even longer. In the U.S., most of the stores are closed, and “there are no jobs available.” “So I’m happy to be here in Taiwan live a free life and normal life,” he added.

“Thank you, Taiwan for letting me stay here. Taiwan No.1.”

In the last interview, Maxim from Germany explained that he has stayed in Taiwan for nearly three months. His original plan was to go back to Germany and finish the paper works to obtain his Master’s degree. Due to the virus outbreak, he had to stay in Taiwan.

“I feel safe here. The government is controlling the virus much better than in other countries. I can have a normal daily life. I see people going out and going to parks but they wear masks,” Maxim said.

Maxim added that last year he came to Taiwan once and he was happy to revisit Taiwan. He concluded he was thankful to Taiwan for letting foreigners extend the visa and stay during the crisis.



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