Taipei metro app provides crowd information on Blue Line

Taipei metro app has a new feature which will tell people how crowded each train is. (CNA)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taipei metro app has a new feature that lets you know how crowded each train is amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The station platform TV also shows such information to prevent large crowds flocking to specific areas of the trains, the Taipei Rapid Transit Corp.(TRTC) announced on Thursday.

The new service started its trial run on Bannan Line (Blue Line) today.

There are four colored indicators showing how crowded the carriages are — green suggesting comfortable, yellow average, orange moderate and red crowded, the company said.

If you want to check before boarding your train, go to “Go! Taipei Metro” app and click “station information” below the Taipei metro route map.

After selecting the station you will embark in on the Bannan Line, click the crowd icon next to the train arriving time and you will see the crowd information.

But there will be no such information provided at either Dingpu Station or the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station, the TRTC said as they are the terminals at each end of the line.

It added that it will collect passenger feedback for future applications.

TRTC official Huang Ming-sheng (黃明盛) said crowd levels are gauged by pressure sensors installed under each carriage that provide information on carriage crowding.

The TRTC said that there are nearly 20,000 pieces of data transmitted back to the company every day, with a total of 252 sensors in use.