Taiwan pet owners face fines for unregistered dogs and cats

All dogs and cats are required to be registered with the city within four months since its birth date.(Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — All dogs and cats are required to be registered with Taiwan authorities within four months of their birth. If not, you could be fined up to NT$15,000 (US$501.63), according to a pet registration regulation. 

Miaoli County, for instance, has reported 11 cases of unregistered pets over the past three years. The Animal Disease Control Center (ADCC) has urged foreign and local owners to register their pets and comply with regulations requiring vaccines against rabies.

The ADCC also reminds you to download a form on their Website if your cat or dog gets lost or dies. The document must be mailed within one month with a copy of your ID or ARC to the ADCC, the center said. 

The regulation aims to reduce the soaring number of stray animals and help owners find their lost pets.

Some pet owners have complained against the regulation, however. One person told a local media that the costs of the vaccine were high so she didn’t want to register her dog, which she said, barely goes outside.