What is the meaning of TSMC’s market cap exceeding that of Intel?

TSMC provides products to all types of mobile-device CPU makers

The logo of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) is seen in this undated file photo. (NOWnews file photo)

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) market cap has now exceeded that of Intel, meaning that the former may now be more valuable than the latter.

An analyst with the ARK Investing group, who made the remark on Thursday, attributed this attributed to TSMC’s smartphone business in which the company is a supplier of choice (SoC) for most manufacturers.

Intel, which he called “the most iconic semiconductor company in history,” has been outdone by “a nondescript Taiwanese factory with no chip it can call its own,” James Wang tweeted.

This is an interesting statement that shows how some people still believe that TSMC lacks distinctive or interesting features.

The company’s production line is for sure associated with chipsets for every major type of personal device out there, including PCs, Android phones and iPhones.

But this is also the main reason for its success: TSMC provides products to all types of mobile-device CPU makers, including HiSilicon, a Chinese fabless semiconductor company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong and fully owned by Huawei, and Apple computers.