Taiwanese student’s search for ‘second mother’ ends in elation

Hsu Tzu-han plays a guitar in this photo she provided.

JAKARTA (CNA) — A Taiwanese high school student who had launched a search on social media for her childhood caregiver was able to contacted her Sunday, to the delight of the Indonesian woman.

“I’m so very happy, I can’t stop my tears,” said the Indonesian woman Dwi Setyowati in a phone interview with CNA. “I missed her very much, too.”

The 19-year-old student Hsu Tzu-han (許紫涵) began the online search for the caregiver in April, posting photos on Facebook and saying she was trying to locate her “second mother,” who had cared for her from birth to about age four.

The story was later picked up by Indonesian media, and through a series of coincidences, a job broker in Taiwan was able to give Hsu a contact number for Dwi, who Hsu remembered as Duwi.

Almost immediately, Hsu told CNA, she sent Dwi a text message in Indonesian, saying “Aku cinta kamu,” a phrase she had learned as child from the caregiver, which means “I love you.”

She later called Dwi on WhatsApp and they had an emotional virtual reunion, they both said.