JTEA vigorously support Taiwan to participate in WHA

Screengrab from YouTube/Ray Du

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association (JTEA) expressed its continued support for Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Assembly (WHA) as an observer in a Facebook post on Monday.

Screengrab of JTEA Facebook

The JTEA stated that Taiwan has made outstanding achievements in preventing new coronavirus infection and can learn from many experiences.

The World Health Assembly (WHA) will hold a video conference on May 18.

The JTEA shared the video “An Open Letter to the World Health Organization (WHO)” shot by the popular YouTuber Adi along its post.

Adi launched fundraising last month to advertise its support for Taiwan’s participation in the WHO in the New York Times.

The exchange association’s post pointed out that to prevent the spread of the epidemic, there should not be a geographical gap.

The international community’s full cooperation and joint efforts are very important, the JTEA said.

“We firmly believe that Taiwan can learn many experiences from the outstanding achievements in preventing the new crown virus infection,” the JTEA added.

According to a Canadian news agency report, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand and other United Nations ambassadors in Geneva issued a diplomatic note to two senior WHO officials at a meeting on the 7th under the leadership of the United States and Japan, urging acceptance Taiwan is a WHA observer.