WHA還是排擠台灣!陳時中:抗議書已經寫好了 | Taiwan Health Minister to send protest letter to WHO for WHA exclusion

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu speaks at a press conference on May 18, 2020. (Photo courtesy of the CECC)


The World Health Assembly video conference kickstarted at 6 p.m. on Monday without Taiwan’s participation.


Against this backdrop, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu expressed regret earlier today and voiced his disapproval at the WHO for kowtowing to China and denying the health and human rights of 23 million Taiwanese.


Health Minister Chen Shih-chung added that it is the WHO’s loss if Taiwan is denied the opportunity to share virus-related insights at the video conference. In addition, the decision will affect Taiwan greatly as the country cannot learn from other’s experiences.

Chen hopes that the WHO can ignore political agendas and announced that Taiwan will be submitting an official letter of protest, the content of which is already written.


Wu also announced that due to the unusual circumstances, the WHA meeting will be shortened drastically, so allies and other countries supporting Taiwan will wait until the fall when the physical meeting takes place to push for Taiwan’s attendance.


In addition, Wu said that though China continuously professes their concern for the Taiwan people’s health and welfare, their constant contradictory actions will only invoke hatred from the Taiwanese people.

Taiwan will not give up in participating and contributing to the world, Wu added.


Wu also called on the WHO to listen to the rational voices of other nations, be professional and unbiased and dispel of China’s influence to allow Taiwan to join WHO’s meetings and activities.