city bike將功成身退 高市微笑單車6/16試營運 | YouBike to start trail run in Kaohsiung from mid-June

【看CP學英文】高雄市原有的單車共享系統city bike即將於6月底功成身退,為持續推動共享自行車服務,高市引進微笑單車YouBike,預計6月16日開始試營運,7月1日正式上路。

Kaohsiung’s bike-sharing system “city bike” will be retired by the end of June to give way to YouBike 2.0 system, which is expected to start trial operation on June 16 and officially hit the road on July 1.


The city government plans to build 180 YouBike 2.0 stations by mid-June and install all stations by July 1. Luckily, the city has decided to advance the trial operation to June 16 because the setup has been almost accomplished.

YouBike2.0 (CNA)

高雄市長韓國瑜表示,YouBike 2.0使用太陽能,不吃電零污染,更能完善大眾運輸系統,盼工程單位加速建置佈設,便利民眾。

Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) said that the “YouBike 2.0” system adopts solar energy without consuming the electricity, which can reduce pollution. Besides, the new system will make public transportation more convenient in Kaohsiung city.