British filmmaker unveils cinematic footage of Taiwan

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A British photographer who has been living and working in Asia for almost half his life has fallen in love with Taiwan after enjoying several hikes with friends.

“A part-time fascination with high places developed into a full-time addiction while living in Taiwan,” he wrote on his channel’s bio.

Inspired by the island’s breathtaking natural landscapes, he continues his journey in Asia and spends any free time available exploring the trails of the vast and beautiful continent.

Richard shared the videos which documented his hiking experiences on the YouTube channel “Richard’s Asia Hikelopedia” in the hope of inspiring people to go outside and explore nature.

Recently, the Brit photographer shared a drone video that captures the beauty of the mountains in Taiwan including Zhuilu Old Road, Xueshan (Snow Mountain), Hehuanshan, Qilai Mountain, Caoling Historic Trail and stegosaurus ridge with uplifting background music.

“It’s taken from my most recent hikes to Taiwan to show the world what a beautiful place it is,” he said.

The footage has received many positive feedbacks. Some commented, “Thanks for showing us the beauty of Taiwan.”

A Taiwanese who lives in France also thanked him for letting people see Taiwan’s beautiful mountains.



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