Rumors of Zhou Xun’s divorce spreading like wildfire

Fans are speculating that Zhou and Gaoare now divorced.(Courtesy of Weibo)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Chinese actress Zhou Xun, who won a Golden Horse Award in Taiwan in 2006, has been married to Archie David Kao, a Chinese-American actor, since 2014.

Fans, however, recently noticed that Kao deleted all photos of himself with Zhou on Instagram, leaving most people wondering if their relationship has ended.

According to Chinese-language media, Gao has been a playboy since getting married and the couple has spent very little time together.

Kao has deleted all the photos of himself with Zhou on Instagram. Picture (left) was taken before Gao deleted the photos.(Courtesy of Weibo)

Asked about their couple, Zhou remained vague which makes their relationship status even more “unclear.”

In response to the missing Instagram photos, many speculated that they would probably get divorced very soon. As of press time, the couple hasn’t confirmed their divorce yet.