Taiwanese rock band Mayday announce online concert

Taiwanese rock band Mayday (CNA)

TAIPEI (CNA) — Ashin (阿信), lead singer of popular Taiwanese rock band Mayday, announced Monday in a Facebook post that the band will hold an online concert  at the end of the month as the COVID-19 outbreak was easing in Taiwan.

The concert, titled “Live in the Sky,” will be held at 8 p.m. on May 31, according to Ashin’s Facebook post, which came with a 75 second promotional video.

“Who said there will be no May Dating in 2020?” Ashin said, “although sometimes we arrive late, we will be there.”

“On the last day of May, we will be live around the globe in every time zone simultaneously,” he added, confirming the concert, which is called “May Dating” by fans because of its timing.

Originally an annual commitment made at a 2006 concert in Hong Kong, Mayday have held a concert every May since then except 2015, when there was no event due to the lack of a concert venue.

Fans had been worried Mayday might have to cancel this year’s concert because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but were delighted by the announcement and the fact it will be held online for even more people to enjoy.

The post garnered 35,000 likes and was shared more than 6,000 times in just two hours.

“Thank you, Mayday, for bringing light to the gloomy year of 2020,” a fan said in her comment.

“Thank you for keeping your promise on May Dating,” another fan said.