Picky eater tries ‘scary’ Taiwanese dishes for the first time

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Local delights are famous worldwide and many tourists come to Taiwan specifically to try out some of its most famous dishes. 

Patty Santoro has lived in Taiwan for more than 20 years but there are still many Taiwanese snacks that she is afraid to try. Encouraged by her daughter — YouTuber “Goldfish Brain” — she decided to challenge herself and try five “scary” Taiwanese dishes, for the first time!

The first course, “century eggs” dumbfounded Patty. Initially, she thought that the eggs had gone bad, but after a bite she contended that it was acceptable because the sauce overpowered the “weird smell.” 

When her daughter asked if she would eat them again, however, Patty immediately responded with a resounding: “NO”. 

The second course “duck blood” disgusted Patty, and she said it looked like “salty pudding.” It didn’t taste bad after all, she said, but she claimed the flavor isn’t something she’s used to. 

The third dish is one that not only makes foreigners gasp in disbelief but even disgusts some Taiwanese — “braised stinky tofu.” The dish, which is “stinkier” than the fried stinky tofu, had Patty spitting it out after one bite, saying, “I’m so sorry, but this tastes like a toilet.

The fourth course is a favorite of many Taiwanese, even though Patty’s daughter has never tried it either. Patty confessed that tripes are unacceptable to her, and the “slimy” feeling of “pork intestine vermicelli” made her break down and cry, “It’s like snot!” she said. After bracing herself, Patty took a sip and claimed it’s not as bad as she thought. 

The last dish was “chicken heart.” Though it is an animal organ, Patty said it “tasted like roast meat which wasn’t bad at all.” 

However, as the chicken heart may have been left out too long or overcooked, Patty commented, “eating it was like biting into an eraser.”