Taiwan government announces 116 days off work in 2021

The days highlighted in pink represent days off work/ Photo from www.dgpa.gov.tw

TAIPEI (CNA) — Employees in Taiwan will have 116 days off work in 2021, including weekends, eight long weekends lasting three days or longer and seven days off for the Lunar New Year holiday, according to a calendar released Thursday by the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration.

The eight extended public holidays are the 2021 New Year holiday (Jan. 1-3), the Lunar New Year holiday (Feb. 10-16), the 228 Peace Memorial Day (Feb. 27-March 1), Children’s Day and Tomb Sweeping Festival (April 2-5), the Dragon Boat Festival (June 12-14), the Mid-Autumn Festival (Sept. 18-21), the National Day holiday (Oct. 9-11) and the 2022 New Year holiday (Dec. 31-Jan. 2), according to the administration.

After Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) approved a proposal in 2019 that future Lunar New Year holidays will start the day before New Year’s Eve and the minimum number of days will be seven, the Lunar New Year holiday in 2021 will start on Feb. 10 and run through Feb. 16, for a total of seven days, according to a statement issued by the administration.

In Taiwan, when a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday, the government makes arrangements to turn it into an extended holiday, although people do have to work on an additional Saturday as an official make-up day, except in some special situations.

The make-up days will be Feb. 20 and Sept. 11, according to the statement.