Spectacular railroad opens in eastern Taiwan

TAIPEI (The China Post) — After the completion of the 2.7-kilometer-long elevated railway tracks laying and cutting, the Duoliang No. 1 Tunnel officially entered in service in the early hours Thursday bringing trains on the curved new elevated railway, like a giant dragon floating above the sea.

The Taitung section was the last stretch of the round-island railroad electrified project. T

he last mile of the Taitung section, of which 2.7 km of the Duoliang section was diverted and an elevated railway line was erected along the seashore to connect with — Duoliang Railway Station — the “most beautiful railway station.”

The project took 3 years to complete.

The Taitung section was the last part of the round-island railroad electrified project.(CNA)

The Railway Bureau said that when the railroad was first designed, they set the utility poles on the mountainside so that “the poles won’t keep dangling in front of the passengers.” Besides, tourists can also capture good pictures of wide sea views.