Taiwan president visits Hong Kong bookstore owner and announces new task force

Photo courtesy of the Presidential Office

TAIPEI (The China Post) — President Tsai Ing-wen visited the Causeway Bay Bookstore in Taipei’s Zhongshan District on Friday to meet with Lam Wing-kee, the founder of the bookstore who moved to Taiwan after his business was closed for selling books critical of the Chinese regime.

The President thanked Lam for his advocating on human rights, freedom and democracy in Hong Kong, and stressed that she has set up a task force to help the Hong Kong people.

Tsai said the main purpose of her visit was to welcome him on behalf of the Taiwanese people. He left his hometown to start his own business in Taiwan and opened a very unique bookstore, “so we can experience, first-hand, the challenges that people in Hong Kong have gone through.”

President Tsai said she believed that many Taiwanese want Lam to feel at home here, and expressed hopes that Lam would continue his fight for the development of freedom and democracy here in Taiwan.

She added that the trip was also to understand the needs of Hong Kong people preparing to come to Taiwan or Hong Kong people already in Taiwan, and what special assistance they need.

To this, Lam said he would like to thank his Taiwanese friends and President Tsai.